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Monthly Archives: August 2017

We live in the age of information. Gone are the days when you had to look for an encyclopedia or visit a public library to get knowledge about anything. It is said that information is power, and indeed, it is. Search engines such as Google have made accessing information on any subject easier. Despite the technological milestones we have made in terms of getting access to information, there is the danger of… Read More

Sex is a virtue that is given by God. The urge of sex in itself is part of God’s creation in not only humanity but  animals too. Interestingly, rampant and casual sex is on the rise. In the 21st century, gay and lesbian groups have emerged very courageously in defense of their members who have a different sexual orientation to what is considered normal. This subject has raised a lot of debate… Read More

Dear Reader, I hope your day is fairing on well and you are fine in the Lord. Remember it is an election day, to those in Kenya.I wish every single one of you peaceful elections in whichever region or part of the country you are Lets  preach PEACE! PEACE! PEACE! I just cast my vote by 9:00 A.M and my hope is that peace prevails even as we wait the final tallying… Read More