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“Just stop it!” she ranted ” What you are doing to me is not right at all?” This were the complaints of Mrs. Akombi after her husband arrived home at 3a.m in the company of two expensive call girls from a pub in town. “Why do you even care? You fool!” Mr. Akombi barked. This was an affluent couple that everyone in the neighborhood talked about. From a fleet of vehicles to… Read More

Just like you or someone else, out there I never knew about the Spoken Word til I met a rising talent in Lee. Of course, you cannot know every damn thing in this world. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company and industrialist even in death, is best remembered for revolutionizing the Motor vehicle industry in America. Despite all credit going to him, historical sources indicate that some of his inventions… Read More

Hey you, hope this post finds you well. We are in tough times as a country and it will be kind of you to check on your neighbor just to know how safe he or she is. To our fallen brothers and sisters in different parts of the country, more so, Luo Nyanza, may God rest their souls in peace. One socialite was quoted to suggest that “msiba wa kujitakia hauna kilio”… Read More

Hey there, whether you are a student in college, a newlywed couple or new in town, I guess at one point in life you have been among the people looking for a conducive place to live. After all, when all is said and done, every single one of us usually wants to retreat to a cozy place called home. Finding a conducive place to live can be an uphill task, more so,… Read More

You just received a call from a prospective employer that you have been shortlisted and therefore scheduled for a job interview. As is expected, mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety get into you as you ponder on the next step of action. Here are a few successful tips that might just give you the job you have been longing for. Tip 1#: Do a thorough Scrutiny of the Company‚Äôs Website Doing research… Read More

    A friend once wondered that you could be in a room full of people partying with loud music blaring yet feel so bored. Boredom in people can occur in many ways. Even the most jovial individual that you know of occasionally feels bored. Boredom is simply a state of feeling bored. It could occur because of idleness or sheer lack of interest in a particular activity. For you to be… Read More

Hello guys! Being a Sunday, I thought it wise to mention this topic to you, why not? Sunday is the day most people are off from their demanding week day jobs. It is also a day when the faithful have a  chance to worship God and visit one another. More so, some take this time to spend on outings with their loved ones and family. Indeed, Sunday is a day that comes… Read More