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Monthly Archives: November 2017

End of the year holidays are here with us and Christmas is fast approaching sooner than you know it. To most learners in the first two stages of the popular 8.4.4 Education system in Kenya, school term is over. You only need a 10-minute walk down the streets to see the yoyo boys and girls from school hanging out and counting every vehicle that passes by.┬áHahaha. Interestingly, given the age limit that… Read More

  Back in college, I remember how we used to freak out at the mere mention of a presentation. This is the time when excuses could be created from the heavens left, right and center about this and that. From having a sore throat to nursing a sick child, many would rather skive such occasions. Interestingly, some would prefer to stand on stage during a group presentation than going solo. You would… Read More

  I do not know much about you but I can say it without a doubt or fear of contradiction that you are always thinking about money. It is even worse when you are asked to part with $30 for a wedding committee; money that took you sweat and almost blood to get. Alternatively, you will want to run to your creditors, who are the only friends you have when you need… Read More