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Monthly Archives: December 2017

You all know the saying that when life hands you a lemon, turn it into a lemonade. Well, it is easier said than done. How about the negative situations, behaviors, thoughts and experiences you face in your daily life? Do you turn them into positives or allow yourself to be immersed in the sea of negativity? It is very easy and almost natural to be positive when everything in your life is… Read More

  Two days ago while talking to a sales and marketing acquaintance, he lamented to me how reading culture had waned among the middle working class. Probably, the reason behind this could be the demand that comes with an office job. Besides, their reading culture may not have been developed properly during their tender ages. Given his job of marketing and selling books that border on finance, business and self-help he was… Read More

In one of the blog posts, I shared here, I listed a number of ways youths or the unemployed could beat the skyrocketing unemployment levels in Kenya. Well, today I want to focus on one of the ways listed namely online jobs in which youths can use to overcome lack of jobs in Kenya. “A good player they say plays where the ball is, but a great player moves where the ball… Read More

Stress is a natural reaction our body has in situations which are not common in our life.  It can be as simple as watching a basketball match or more complexed like stress at work because you have too many tasks you have to do before the deadline. The good – the basketball match stress is OK because it raises your adrenaline and it keeps you focused. The bad – is ok in small… Read More

Image courtesy of Google Oh, God. You’ve been asked to do a presentation, and you can’t really say no (although that’s what you’re screaming in your head, isn’t it?) because your boss has already moved onto the next point on the agenda. Fear of public speaking is incredibly common. In fact, experts estimate around 75% of all people get anxious when they’re asked to speak in front of others. Some particularly melodramatic… Read More