5 Ways to Stay Positive in 2018

stay positive

You all know the saying that when life hands you a lemon, turn it into a lemonade. Well, it is easier said than done. How about the negative situations, behaviors, thoughts and experiences you face in your daily life? Do you turn them into positives or allow yourself to be immersed in the sea of negativity?

It is very easy and almost natural to be positive when everything in your life is good. And what do I mean when your life is good? You’re meeting your goals, your wallet is growing fatter every new day, you are full of health and surrounded by caring loved ones.

Conversely, being positive in the face of negativity is one hell of a mountain to climb. How are you expected to be positive when you have a sick spouse in the hospital with a skyrocketing hospital bill? Still, how are you expected to be positive when you are broke, hungry and cannot even afford three square meals in a day? It actually becomes even more difficult to tell a graduate to be positive about life when he or she has gone round in search of a job for months without success. There you are! Trying hard to make your business work but ends somehow just can’t meet. From the lazy and sly staff to poor sales and low profits negativity snaps the joy of life away from you.

So how are we expected to be positive when we are being hit left and right with negativity? From the negative clergyman to the negative conductor on the road, we also meet people who are outrightly negative and only serve to make us negative. Not at all. Actually, no one expects you to be positive or negative. It is none of their damn business it yours.

The world is full of negativity in equal measure as positivity and it’s upon us to make the choice on whether to dwell on the positive or negative. Let me not blame the world, you need to look at your own life and you will be surprised to notice the negatives on you. Have you noticed how you belch loudly? What about the large tummy that you don’t like looking at? Okay, you know you are quiet and reserved and you hate yourself for it.

When we constantly chose to focus on our negatives we actually register negative mental states in our subconscious minds. As such, anytime we are confronted with a strange situation or circumstance, the mind is already conditioned to point out the negatives before the positives. Have you ever realized how negative people complain about everything? If not the weather today is bad it will be the waiter was disrespectful. If not am bored today it will be the food today is tasteless.

Suffice it to say that being mentally positive can be actually hard to you who is accustomed to looking at a glass as half empty. However, with much practice, perseverance and patience, you could just be on your way to be the most positive person you have ever met.

For example, let us say you are accustomed to viewing news as always bad news. So every news hour you switch off the TV because you have the skewed notion that news is always bad. Well, maybe you will need to evaluate your perception and understanding of what constitutes a bad news? Besides, you could start watching sermons and your favorite music if at all you find them positive.

What about your negative views towards the current regime? Could you just change your negative mentality a little bit and start being a fair judge here. It is actually so negative to only point at the ills of an individual, institution or government without recognizing their achievements as well. For you to cultivate that positive mentality it is important to make the necessary step of recognizing the good in every opportunity, person or situation you deem bad.

So how should we handle negativity?

Just like learning any other virtue being positive is also a character that can be learned over time. Therefore, the only way out of negativity is to stay positive at all times. One reason is that you will never ever chase all the negative people from your life and neither will you avoid them in totality.

Somehow the people close to you could be negative. Rather than try to avoid them start appreciating the good in them.

Here are five tips I use to fight negativity

  1. I Accept Who I am

A long time ago as a teenager I would feel terrible about my muscle size and how short I was compared to my peers. However, I grew into a youth and realized I could just be as sizeable as any other person. This all began when I started accepting myself the way I am.

So do you feel a flaw in you could be making you uncomfortable? To be sincere with you, every single one of us has a flaw. What makes the difference is the fact that some have accepted who they are with their flaws and have chosen to move on to other pertinent issues in life. On the contrary, a person who focuses on his her flaws only magnifies and makes them even more pronounced in their mind.

Focusing on your flaws only serves to kill your self-esteem, kill your self-confidence and make you less productive in life. Clearly putting you in not a very good disposition to attract success in your life.

To be positive in life stop focusing on your flaws and focus on your strengths. Everyone has strengths. This explains why interviewers usually ask a prospective employee about their strengths because they know they have some.

  1. I Share My Positivity with Others

Basing on the Law of Cause and Effect it is highly encouraged to share out your positivity with others. This law also referred to as Karma states that whatever you send into the universe comes back. If you send out negativity you get back negativity. Conversely, if you send out positivity, positivity is what you will get.

I am made to understand that such laws never err. It just the same concept when the Bible talks about reaping what you sow. If you choose to sleep more today, you will sleep hungry tomorrow. No shortcuts! No magic! The same concept is clearly demonstrated by an echo sound. It only echoes what you say and nothing else.

And so how do I share out my positivity with others? I compliment them when they look good. I chat continuously in a Whatsapp group that is always dormant and silent. I notice the good things around me and admire them for what they are; the sparkling VX V8 speeding past me, the artistically designed bungalow across the street, the smartly dressed young man nearby. The list is endless.

Apart from just complimenting, I also share my positivity with others by encouraging those who feel life is over for them or life is unfair rather. This I do via this blog and the many individuals I happen to interact with.

You need to realize that by you encouraging others you make them have a positive outlook on life and subsequently you never remain the same but also change to be like them.

  1. I start My Day in a Positive Way Like Let’s Say Listening to My Favorite Music

Sometimes I may wake up confused and full of fearful thoughts. However, all that changes in an instant when I play my favorite music.

How you start your day counts a lot in how you are going to handle the negatives that will be thrown at you during the day.

Imagine yourself quarreling with your wife as the first thing when you wake up. The rest of the day won’t just flow. Your productive energy is already sapped through the quarrel and you will view every other encounter on negative glasses. Your subordinates at your place of work cud have it rough that day.

One other way I start my day positive is to start with a morning devotion where I study the word of God and pray. Here are some simple truths about a morning devotion using God’s word:

  • It builds your faith as a Christian
  • It heals your physical and emotional pain
  • It fights the enemies in your life including works of the devil
  • It builds your character
  • It brings  hope

There is no doubt about the positive power of good music and a morning devotion to your life.

  1. I Try as Much as I Possible to Live in the Present

Living in the present is one sure way of letting go every fear that creeps up on you from failures of the past and anxieties of the future. I live in the moments by taking a walk through nature and enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of moving wind. I also live in the moment by appreciating the things I have in life instead of worrying about what I do not have.

Sadly, at times a conversation from friends or a TV commercial could kill this disposition in you, such that you will be made to fill empty and a low achiever when TV commercials project a life of class and wealth that yours does not compare to.

Adding on to your negative state is when you start worrying about your future and thinking of the things you do not have and what you are supposed to achieve. Too many of us have stolen the joy out of our lives by worrying about our future. For instance, you will come across a young person worrying about the man r woman they will get married to, their health, their finances and many other things.

Well, this is not to say we should not live in the present but it is healthier, positive and less of an effort to live in the moment that constantly think about your future. You will be surprised to learn that some of the successes in your life happened randomly without even your panning.

  1. I Choose to be Open-Minded

By being open-minded means I am willing to consider new ideas. Whether I embrace them or not depends on my core values as a person and more so as a child of God.

However, sometimes being narrowly minded can be a big cause of negativity in our lives in the sense that we value more who we are and what we know to the point of refusing to acknowledge any new idea or information that is contrary to what we already know.

For instance, a Christian who firmly believes in the word of God and full of faith might get agitated when he or she meets an atheist who tells him or her there is no God.

However, if they were to acknowledge that not everyone is saved and not everyone believes in God but have different beliefs it could have made a hell lot of a difference and make them feel more positive than negative about the experience.

To be positive in life choose to be open-minded and accept that in your journey through life you will meet so many people who will oppose your absolute truth about life and yourself. If you are open minded you will approach such encounters with positivity rather than negativity.

Final Thoughts

What are you negative about?

  • Is it your current job
  • Sickness
  • Spouse
  • Child
  • Mother in law
  • Government
  • Yourself
  • Your lack of employment

The list is endless. Whatever situation that makes you feel negative train yourself to only see the positive in situations and other people and you will be on your way to being a positive person in life.

Take the lack of employment to be an opportunity for entrepreneurship in your life.

Wishing you a Happy and Positive 2018!

If there are any other ways you use to stay positive let me know in the comments section below.




2 Comments on “5 Ways to Stay Positive in 2018

    • That is very true Tracy. Being positive makes a hell lot of difference between success and failure. Happy 2018!! Thanks for stopping by.


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