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In his international bestseller, The POWER of POSITIVE THINKING, Norman has been able to touch many lives through his unique formula for overcoming a spirit of defeat and inadequacy. His book radiates a rare sense of optimism and faith that knows no bounds whatsoever.Many have described him as the father of positive thinking. Great business leaders have attested their success in business to the positivity principles Norman mentions in his bestseller. Actually, … Read More

Hello guys, You must have been surprised after realizing I lost quite some money online. Well, the experience was the best teacher and that’s why I want to share with you the one and twos on what you need to kickstart your freelancing career. If you have been working on your regular job from 8 a.m to 5 p.m, this might appear to be difficult for you and almost impossible. But wait,… Read More

You have heard the saying that when the going gets tough get tougher. If you have ever undergone a hardship period in your life, you know that it is not very easy to overcome. That is the time when only a handful of people you know in your life may pick up your call. At worst, you might be shunned by friends and walk as a lone ranger. Tough situations could occur… Read More

Forever Bright ® Toothgel is a proven dental care product that has amazing benefits which include: Sparkling tooth Contains animal products that are highly favorable for vegetarians  Your tooth is well taken care of as it contains no fluoride Contains natural flavors such as peppermint that makes your mouth ever clean and fresh It has been formulated for use by the entire family To get one of our market-proven toothgel make an order to MPESA… Read More

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  As a woman, you could still be in your 20’s, feeling a free spirit, energetic and busy pursuing your career ambitions. However, as you climb up the age ladder, you will want to settle down with your significant other, give birth and raise a family. Well, better not delay the transition to family process because research over time has proven that a woman’s fertility depreciates with age. How is this so?… Read More

Hello guys, I hope you have woken up to a brilliant morning. Personally, I have. I remember once when traveling to work, the driver of the vehicle I was traveling in had tuned on a popular radio station-Radio Jambo. One of the radio presenters popularly known as Gidi in the favorite morning show –Upatanisho decried the rising number of women in Kenya adding abnormal weight in the recent past. Actually, he suggested that… Read More