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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Don’t look you might see Don’t listen you might hear Don’t think you might learn Don’t make a decision you might be wrong Don’t walk you might stumble Don’t run you might fall Don’t live you might die Don’t change you might grow Life is about getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks and daring to sail through uncharted waters. And there! you have a self-fulfilling life!

Previously in an earlier post, I talked about how the young and unmarried in society are being fed bad and negative information concerning marriage.  The end result is that the young start seeing marriage as a no-go zone but an institution riddled with infidelity, divorce, and violence. You need to look at God’s original plan for marriage before you choose to walk down that path.  In fact, some have argued that marriage… Read More

  Sometime back while on a public vehicle, I happened to be seated in front of two young ladies who were having an animated conversation on a range of life issues. Given the nature of Kenyans on PSVs,(Passenger Serving Vehicles), many were hardly talking except for pleasantries and demanding their money changes from suspicious looking touts. Being ears reach from the two ladies, I got wind of the marriage topic they were… Read More

Exercising and dieting are the most common routines used to lose weight.  On the contrary,  work pressure and duty calls might steal from you the ample time to exercise sufficiently. More reason why you should make use of our C9 product. It is a proven weight loss supplement that comes with numerous benefits among them: The cleansing power of aloe vera It is clinically proven and therefore, no side effects Usable by both… Read More

  Recently, while having a friendly conversation with a colleague, he shared with me about his shoe business in town. Like a salesman upbeat on meeting his sales targets, he implored upon me to stop by and leave with a pair or pairs of shoes. Not wanting to disappoint him, I made a promise to pass by. It is said that charity begins at home; rather than start marketing your business from… Read More

If you are a recent Kenyan graduate or through with your coursework and waiting for graduation I must congratulate you for coming this far. It not only a privilege but an honor that you can be counted among University graduates in Kenya. It is undeniable though, that many graduates feel not so confident about their hard-earned degrees because of the skyrocketing levels of unemployment in Kenya today.  Of more concern is the fact… Read More