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My name is Job Kiniale. A blogger, freelancer, and an internet marketer.

I’m the founder of  GoodLifeKenya, a cordial, caring and self-improvement website that is focused on making you feel good and worthy because nobody created and brought into this world is useless.

Besides our desire to make you an epitome of success by creating the best you, we also provide you with weight loss supplements and other dietary products that take care of the diabetics, increase your sexual stamina among other health supplements.

In the world that we live today, people are extremely busy working round the clock to make ends meet. As such, little time is devoted to building and fostering the right relationships among people.

Parents have little time to raise their kids and live them to nannies because of back-breaking workloads. Brothers and sisters do not see eye to eye except when meeting for family gatherings and ceremonies upcountry. In such occasions, one would think there is enough time to talk and check on one another but there isn’t. The truth is, technological developments have brought smartphones into our lives that are building relationships on social media but destroying physical, one on one relationships.

Billions of people across the earth are in dire need of encouragement or simply a show of love and appreciation as a fuel to keep them going. Many of us have been conditioned to think that what people need most is material possession and money. How wrong we are!! Apart from food, shelter, clothing and a smart phone in this 21st century, many are dying to be appreciated, showed love, admired, encouraged, cheered on, to be held by the hand and lifted up. Our psychological well-being has been dragged on a tarmac road for ages. It’s in tatters and needs rebuilding.



Feel free to check on a number of blog posts posted in the recent past. I have no doubt in my mind you will feel energized and awakened in your endeavor to be a better person. I am always standing by to answer to comments and give feedback if need be.

Also, find pleasure in viewing our amazing Forever Living Products that could just be the antidote to your weight and dietary problems.

For more information and inquiries, I can be reached at kinialejob@gmail.com.

Lastly, thanks once again for visiting this site, you are most welcome and expect steamy posts your way.

I’ll be glad to hear from you.

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